Our Story

When I was 12 years old, I cried on the floor of a Macy’s dressing room while shopping for the dress I’d wear at my Bat Mitzvah. As a person who’s had hips and thighs since age 10–and who now self identifies as fat–shopping has always been a difficult and, at-times, traumatic experience. I eventually realized that the fashion industry is built around the perception that beauty equals petite and that clothing for sizes 8 and up don’t come with the same flair, sexiness, and fun that’s plastered all over beauty blogs, store displays, and social media. That is – until I discovered vintage and shopping secondhand.

I discovered vintage clothing through my grandmother, who would have been a modern-day size 14. When my mom gave me a few of her pieces to try, I remember loving their fit, uniqueness, and knowing I would be channeling my grandmother’s energy each time I wore one of them. I realized I had a better chance of finding something at a thrift shop that fit than at most retailers who still catered to slimmer figures.

In 2018, I started Berriez on Instagram as a way to redistribute the plus-sized vintage I’d thrifted over the years that no longer fit my body. The enthusiasm from friends and the IG community was immediate and profound. I soon found this hobby of curating plus-sized vintage was filling a void left by vintage shops that barely paid attention to their plus-sized audiences and by retailers who never did.

Today, Berriez is a business built around inclusivity, accessibility and fun. We still offer unique, funky, and sexy vintage clothing that accentuates larger bodies, but we’ve expanded into reworked vintage and actively seek out collaborations with independent designers who respect plus-sized figures. We hope you love what you see on our online shop, come to see us IRL, or drop in to say hi on social media.